Detailed Agenda

Our 2015 Oregon State of Reform Health Policy Conference Detailed Agenda is a list of over 60 speakers and experts from across the spectrum of care. The heading colors correspond to track colors on our Topical Agenda to help you organize your day.

8:30 am Welcome and Introductions

Opening remarks to set the stage for the day and put the conference in the broader context of State of Reform activities focused on bridging the gap between health care and health policy.

DJ Wilson: Host, State of Reform

8:45 am Executive Keynote Panel: The Outlook for Oregon Health Care

This panel will explore some of the key topics facing Oregon health care today in an inter-disciplinary, cross-silo discussion.  We’ll touch on funding, transformation,and the marketplace in general, and gather insights from across the spectrum of care.

Tammy Bray:  Dean, OSU College of Public Health and Human Sciences
Jeff Heatherington:  President/CEO, FamilyCare Inc.
David Underriner: Regional Chief Executive, Providence Health & Services

9:45 am An Update from OHA

The Oregon Health Authority is undergoing a series of organizational changes in support of its overall mission.  Learn about how the OHA is changing under new leadership and a new governorship.

Rhonda Busek: Provider Services Director, Health Systems, OHA
Leslie Clement: Director of Health Policy and Analytics, Acting State Medicaid Director, OHA
Priscilla Lewis: Deputy Director, Public Health Division, OHA

9:45 am How Sustainable is the Individual Market?

With financial data showing a softening of the balance sheets of many Oregon health plans, some are starting to openly wonder if the individual market is sustainable in a post-ACA environment.  Listen to these experts discuss the challenges and issues in the market today.  

Patrick Allen: Director, Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS)
Brian Landon: Regulatory Affairs Manager and Associate General Counsel, LifeWise
Brian Schneider: Principal Agent, Valley Insurance Professionals

9:45 am Extending the CCO Model

With CCO’s well underway, many are looking ahead to moving the CCO transformation model into commercial and public employee lines of business.  That pathway has some challenges, however, which these leaders will discuss.

Terry Coplin: CEO, Trillium
Erin Fair Taylor: Executive Director, CCO Partnership, Care Oregon
Denise Hall: Deputy Administrator, Oregon Educators Benefit Board

9:45 am Legal Questions, Challenges Ahead for Health Care

The legal challenges facing health reform are not concluded with the decision in King v. Burwell.  Administrative rules, regulatory oversight, and changes from consolidation all offer continued pitfalls ahead.  These thought leaders will discuss the questions they see on the horizon.

Ted Falk: Assistant Attorney General, Health and Human Services
Eric Neiman: Portland, Managing Partner, Lewis Brisbois
Kate Othus: Healthcare Director, AKT

10:45 am Policy Leadership: Republicans

Hear from some of the leading Republican policy makers in the Legislature as they discuss the upcoming 2016 session.  Bring your questions and engage in the discussion. 

Cedric Hayden: Member, Oregon State House of Representatives
Bill Kennemer: Member, Oregon State House of Representatives
Jim Weidner: Member, Oregon State House of Representatives (invited)

10:45 am Health Care as Venture Capitalism

Health plans are often earning more from their investments than they are in underwriting.  And, those investments have the promise of reshaping health care, from empowering consumers to aggregating data.  Hear about what these organizations are doing and thinking related to venture capital.

Claire Celeste Carnes: Partner, PHS Ventures, Providence Health System
Dusty Lieb: Assistant Director, Strategic Investments, Cambia
Michael Rohwer: CEO, PH Tech

10:45 am Cyber Security and Patient Privacy

“Every organization should assume their data has been compromised, because it probably has.” That’s the lesson coming out of the data breaches made public. Other lessons are even more striking. Learn the latest from this panel of technology and privacy experts.

Eric Earling: VP, Corporate Communications, LifeWise
Kelly Hagan: Attorney, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt
Tom Schauer: Principal, CliftonLarsonAllen
Dan Briley: Managing Director, Summit Security Group

10:45 am New Learning from Data Analytics

It use to be that we couldn’t get data.  Now we have so much data that it’s hard to make sense of it all.  This panel will share the insights they’ve gleaned, from  quality indicators to population health.

Shakil Haroon: Founder and CEO, MPIRICA
Lindsay Harris: Director, Product Management, HMA
Will Brake: Director, Provider Network Transformation, Allcare
David Snodgrass: CEO, HMA (moderator)

11:45 am Lunch Keynote

Fostering a conversation across the silos of health care is part of our charge at State of Reform.  And, this keynote panel is exemplary of that. These senior leaders will discuss the continued challenges facing health care today, from the markets to the policy debates. Expect a thoughtful, moderated conversation among these colleagues during lunch.

Sean Kolmer:  Senior Associate, HMA
Monica Wehby, MD:  Founder,  Monica PAC
Bob Dannenhoffer, MD: Former CEO, Architrave
BJ Cavnor: Executive Director, One in Four Chronic Health

1:00 pm Legislative Leadership: Democrats

These Democratic leaders will reflect on the 2015 legislative session and share their vision for the 2016 convening. Join them for an always lively discussion and come learn about what’s ahead in terms of state-level health policy.

Mitch Greenlick: Member, Oregon State House of Representatives
Laurie Monnes Anderson: Member, Oregon State Senate
Alissa Keny-Guyer: Member, Oregon State House of Representatives

1:00 pm Does Pharma Threaten the System’s Sustainability

This panel will bring state and national perspectives to the questions related to balancing the costs versus benefits of today’s increasing number of cutting-edge pharmaceuticals.  This challenge is only going to be accelerating in the years ahead, which makes dialog about it now all the more important.

Bill Barcellona: SVP, Legislative Affairs, CAPG
Sharon Brigner: Deputy Vice President, PhMRA
Jim Slater: Pharmacy Director, CareOregon

1:00 pm An Update on Integration: Dental, Mental, Physical Health

The transformation project continues in Medicaid, where integration of dental health has picked up steam.  Integration of mental health and physical health is also demonstrating real results. Come learn from these leaders as they share their insights with you.

Phil Greenhill: CEO, Western Oregon Advance Health
Maureen Hinman: Policy Director, Oregon School Based Health Alliance
Mike Shirtcliff: President, Advantage Dental

1:00 pm The Disruptive Nature of Wearables

Technology is changing the face of health care.  And, consumer technologies like wearable devices are a big part of that.  Hear from these diverse perspectives on how they are using wearable devices to empower healthier behavior and better outcomes.

Stephen Erdman: Director of Business Design, Innovation Force/Basefit GM, Cambia
Gwen Conner: Director, Business Accelerator, Providence Health & Services
Pelu Tran, MD: Co-Founder and President, Augmedix

2:00 pm Salem Insiders Look to 2016

Often, it’s the “Third House” that is key to making health policy run smoothly.  These are three of the best, most important players in Salem health policy discussions.  Listen to their take on where the policy discussion is heading, and what regulatory changes are on the horizon.

Josh Balloch: VP, Health Policy & Legislative Affairs, Allcare
Tom Holt: Director of Government Relations, Cambia
Ashlen Strong: Sr. Government & Regulatory Affairs Manager, Health Share

2:00 pm Challenges of Financing Medicaid

As one insider told us, “this is the key question in Salem.” How will the state manage to fund Medicaid as federal dollars start to winnow down?  How will reimbursements to providers remain strong to keep the transformation project moving forward?  Listen to the perspectives from across the system at this session.

Bill Murray: COO, Family Care
Mark Fairbanks:  CFO, OHA
Martin Taylor: Director, Public Policy & Member Centricity, CareOregon

2:00 pm Debating Vaccines and Civil Rights

The question of vaccines and civil rights has taken on a new energy with legislative interest rising during the 2015 session.  However, in the heat of committee testimony, thoughtful discussion is sometimes hard to achieve.  This panel will reflect on various perspectives on the question, and offer policy suggestions for moving forward. 

Paul Lewis, MD: Tri County Health Officer, Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington Counties
Mark Slifka: Associate Scientist, OHSU
Paul Thomas, MD: Pediatrician, Integrative Pediatrics

3:00 pm Afternoon Keynote

Lynne Saxton has earned a series of positive reviews for her leadership at OHA, an organization which was in need of visionary executive leadership following some months of disarray.  Ms. Saxton will close the day with her perspective on Oregon health care.

Lynne Saxton: Director, Oregon Health Authority