What They’re Watching: Ted Quinn, Activate Care

Ted Quinn is the CEO and Co-founder of Activate Care. Activate Care is a nationally recognized provider of community care coordination and referral management technology. Quinn joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss focused treatment of social determinants.



“If you think about the job that we’re trying to do for health care and for care generally, we always ask ourselves: are we really doing the job? Especially when you have such complex cases with vulnerable populations – Medicaid, Medicare, or Medicaid specifically — and there are a range of needs that these individuals have. How do we ensure that we’re doing the job?…

So often the people that we work with, these populations, have such a vast range of challenges and problems that they face, that for us it’s about how do we get focused on the things at multiple scale while at the same time really move the needle on the outcomes we all want to see for these populations.

There are two components of what we do. One component is the technology which we call the CareHub, which is really focused on does it facilitate the workflow, and the connections, and the team structure around these individuals and populations? And that’s complemented with a service we call CommunityConnect. What we’re really excited about is we’re really building out that CommunityConnect team that helps these care models that are trying to make those connections in their communities. As you probably have seen from other models, these types of services are highly localized, they’re kind of hyper-localized, and so enabling organizations that are trying to standup these models to make those connections is really something we’re really excited about.

About a year ago I had a neighbor call me late at night and say, ‘Hey I need your help.’ We went over to their home, I grabbed a neighbor and went over to their home, and her son had broken into the neighbor’s house and was unconscious on their floor. And so, we had to get this individual to a hospital and admitted into an addiction recovery program. And we started over the next couple months to work through medical health, homelessness, employment, obviously substance abuse and mental health counseling. All of these challenges are just so, kind of, intertwined and we had to say how do we connect all these disparate stakeholders that touch a patient like that? So, he’s part of MassHealth, this was in Massachusetts. How do we take a MassHealth patient that has so many different challenges and help them set priorities and a plan of care that gets a different outcome? If everything’s a priority, nothing’s a priority. And so you’ve got to focus and say, what is the needle we can move on first? So, a lot of these programs will focus on homelessness or employment or food insecurity, believing that if they tackle that one issue, all the other issues are related and they’ll be able to address many of them over time. But it starts by setting meaningful goals with the individual and then trying to work that issue to a different outcome.”