What They’re Watching – Glenda Stepchinski

Glenda Stepchinski is a Senior Consultant at Health Management Associates. She join us on this edition of “What they’re Watching” to discuss quality and outcomes in health care policy.


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I think for the most part what I see is important is there’s a lot of talk about policy and how that needs to change in terms of health care. But one of the things that I really am passionate about is the quality results. What I really like to try to instill upon anyone that, as they try to look at the policies and programs, get ahead of it a little bit and think about what kind of measurement and what kind of quality to expect out of that. 

Instead of having quality be the back side of the results and not getting what you wanted, you really have to think about the outcomes, and for the members and patients in those particular health plans, what kind of outcomes do you expect? For the state, if you really want to get the results for whatever your policy goal is, it will take time and might need to change. What you decide today may not be the best as you get started into that program. So I think the critical thing is to really hone in on the outcomes you wish to achieve and then you’ve got to come up with a measurement that will prove to be either positive or negative. If it’s negative, you will make those changes and be flexible to get the results that you expected.”