What They’re Watching – Karim Kaissi

Karim Kaissi, FACHE, is the President of the Central US region at CareMore Health and Aspire at Anthem, Inc. He joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss bridging silos in health care



So there’s a lot of dysfunction in health care, it’s a fragmented industry. Different stakeholders don’t talk to each other and there’s not a lot of care coordination. Part of our ethos at CareMore is to help fix that, help be that glue across sites of care. We don’t have to be in all sites of care but we definitely help with the hand holding. Even though we have a brick and mortar in Fort Worth, we actually have a mobile operation in Houston today. Our model is flexible enough and we can tailor it in a way to meet the needs of the local community.

The alignment of incentives is not there. The way we get paid in health care varies by party or provider. The fee-for-service world most of us live in promotes that as well. Within CareMore, we look for arrangements with the purchasers of health care or even the consumers to align those incentives. We try to remove a lot of the barriers around copays and deductibles so that our clinicians can focus on care and spend time with individual patient interactions.”