What They’re Watching: Jeffrey Coopersmith

Jeffrey Coopersmith is the founder of Coopersmith Law + Strategy, a legal and consulting firm based in Seattle. Coopersmith joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss streamlining the patient experience.


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“I’m very excited about what we’re going to be able to do to bring the customer finally to health care, and to bring competition finally to health care. So, imagine, instead of all the problems that we have just with scheduling and with trying to get to a care setting — a clinic or a hospital — or how much time we have to repeat our medical history to people who aren’t really going to care for us. And then the confusion we have in the office visit about what the doctor said and what I’m supposed to do next. So, there’s a lot of technology now that’s going to improve that. It’s going to make that a more seamless, frictionless experience and it’ll be much more customer-centric, much more patient-centric, instead of the facility-centric, provider-centric approach we’ve had for years.

For example, it’s now thought that in five years 50% of outpatient visits will be virtual. What that will mean is that you’ll be able to get on an app or get on a screen in your home or your place of work and you’ll be able to talk with the physician about whatever concerns you have. And this is particularly effective for people who have chronic but stable conditions or people who have urgent care needs. And again, it takes the friction out, it gets you and the doctor spending time on what you should be spending time on: what’s the diagnosis? What’s the treatment? Instead of, can I find parking?”