What They’re Watching: Lindsay Harris, Healthcare Management Administrators

Lindsay Harris is the Chief Growth Officer at Healthcare Management Administrators, where she leads sales, marketing, client services, and product management for the organization. She joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss consolidation in the provider market.


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“We’re watching a number of things in health care, but one that we are paying a lot of attention to right now is thinking about some of the consolidation that we’re seeing in the provider market. We’re seeing a lot of for-profit entities purchasing multi-specialty clinics, seeing affiliations of hospitals. The data from that don’t show necessarily that that’s great for employers and for patients. We see that it tends to increase price and there’s new research showing it may have a negative impact on quality. So, we’re very interested to watch that and to make sure that from a long-term perspective that the changes that happen in the health care system are beneficial to employers and that they’re sustainable from a cost perspective long-term.

There’s been quite a bit of research showing that price increases with consolidation in the market in I think both payer, frankly, and provider side. In the New England Journal of Medicine there was a new study that came out showing that at best [consolidation had] a flat impact on quality and at worse a negative impact. So, certainly as we think about that moving forward, there’s a need for more value-based care and more focus on quality and outcomes so that we’re sure that these changes in the system are beneficial to our community. The more that we can, as a system, focus on some of the opportunities around value-based care — you know, working together to promote value, to promote quality outcomes, making sure that we share data to make it more possible for providers to leverage the information we as payers have. Whether that’s the prescription information or details we have about who has or hasn’t received care from across the system, those are all opportunities that present to increase the effectiveness of our health care system.”