What They’re Watching: Katherine Mulready

Katherine Mulready is the Senior Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer at the Colorado Hospital Association (CHA). She join us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss her expectations for the 2020 Legislative session and the CHA’s total cost of care alternative to the state public option proposal.


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On behalf of the CHA, we’re most focused on the state option proposal heading into this legislative session and considering alternatives to the state option proposal, specifically. We think it’s a little too narrow and doesn’t meet the objectives that HB 1004 from last year really set on the table. We’ll be proposing a total cost of care alternative that looks much broader and achieves the same level of affordability, if not more. We’re working on those issues in tandem.

Last year, the CHA tracked 91 bills and I think 76 of them passed so we’re actively in implementation on a lot of stuff this year. Sometimes what the legislature needs is to not pass legislation, or to take the long view. So, our total cost of care is more of a measuring framework for the state to look at all payers, all providers, all patients, total spending, and set a goal for the long term. It will be a very busy year for health care in the state legislature but we’re hoping we can provide some really meaningful alternatives but also take a long term approach.”