What They’re Watching: Beth Andersen, Anthem Blue Cross

Beth Andersen is the President of CA Commercial Business at Anthem Blue Cross. She joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss provider collaborations to improve member outcomes, specifically focusing on the importance of data sharing.


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“Where I personally am focused is on deepening our provider collaborations. Whether it’s building narrow networks to make sure that we have affordable networks if and when a recession comes — and it probably is more when than if. And then also just having deeper collaborations with providers so that we have better outcomes for our members, we guide them to the right care, at the right time, in the right setting. And we really need our primary care physicians to play a huge role in that because I really believe that they’re at the center of that guidance, and then bringing together digital means to help them be much more effective in doing that.

They’re excited about trying different pilots because there’s not one golden ticket that solves all those ills. So, they’re really looking at creating an infrastructure that would be as good as, or to rival you know Kaiser’s, but without the bricks and mortar. So, it’s a little more challenging. So, it is connecting information and data on their patients through their EMRs [electronic medical records] and sharing that data. Whether a member goes to a retail clinic — making sure that they know that they went there so that they can do the follow up — or a telehealth visit. If they’re not providing that telehealth visit, getting that data back to them so that they have a total picture of the individual, their patient. And I think that’s what they’re most looking forward to and helping us solve. That is just one piece of the puzzle, but they have to be willing to either work with us in terms of opening up access to their EMRs and you know sharing that data.”