What They’re Watching: Ann-Marie Alameddin

Ann-Marie Alameddin is the CEO of the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association. She joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss legislation to combat the physician shortage in the state.

We’re still hopeful that the physician shortage bill will be included. It had really important funding to increase medical school size at the University of Arizona, expanded residency programs throughout the state, some loan repayment provisions – everything to address our physicians shortage in Arizona. I think we really did take this multi-pronged approach looking at medical school slots, expanded residency programs, and just making Arizona attractive. So we really tried to be multi-dimensional in our solutions.

I think particularly for Arizona, it’s important to make the economic impact that really is compelling, particularly for rural communities. If you expand a residency program in Kingman or Yuma, those physicians are likely to stay in that community. And the economic benefit that that community has from that higher paying job and paying higher property taxes in the system becomes a multiplier. I think it’s making sure we have the data to support our economic arguments and then translating that to our legislators so they what that does for their district in terms of supporting their community.”