What They’re Watching: Kimberly Gallo

Kimberly Gallo is the Director of Aging & Adult Services for San Diego County. She joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss caring for aging adults and San Diego County’s recently adopted Aging Roadmap.


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“It’s really exciting, in September our San Diego County Board of Supervisors adopted our Aging Roadmap for our region. And it is kind of based off of what the state is trying to do on a statewide level, which is to really look at the top areas in aging that are in need of focus.

So, we know government can’t do it alone. So, we worked with a lot of our stakeholders and community partners to do interviews and focus groups to see what are the biggest issues that are facing our older adults. And with that, we have areas on our roadmap such as housing. We know that housing for seniors a lot of times are on fixed incomes, and as we know rents have increased in our region and sometimes that may make the difference of them eating a meal or paying for their medication. And so, housing is a big area of focus.

Transportation — a lot of seniors are homebound and they might not be able to drive. So, we are really working on a regional level to look at transportation whether it’s public transportation or ride-sharing, just to make sure that our seniors and older adults can get to their appointments. We work closely also with MTS and other agencies to ensure that, again, housebound seniors can get to the places that they need to be.

We’re also really working through our Aging Roadmap on our medical and social services. We are working on geriatric certifications for our emergency departments in coordination with West Health, where the county and West Health are going to be working together to be the first region in the United States, hopefully, where we would have our emergency departments geriatric certified. So, those are just a couple of highlights but there’s a lot of great work happening here in San Diego.”