What They’re Watching: Kellie Todd Griffin

Kellie Todd Griffin is the Director of Community Engagement at Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan. She joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss community trauma and how it impacts youth.


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“Health care continues to evolve. But in our space of community engagement, we really are trying to be more impactful and intentional with our members and trying to help them in ways that we haven’t traditionally done in the past. For instance, we really are working with a lot of youth around childhood resiliency because they’re experiencing some community trauma and adverse childhood experiences that we know will have a greater impact on their health when they become adults. And so, we want to be on the front end of it to really, kind of, intervene and create partnerships with organizations that provide those services to them.

So, we have some really wonderful partners. One of our main partners is the Boys and Girls Club. They are the program that normally are in our communities where we have our largest membership population. And what I really love about Boys and Girls Club is they’re so localized — they actually focus in the community, their people that they hire are from the community. And a lot of times many of them have experienced some of the challenges that a lot of the youth experience every single day. So they can identify with them and really help them address some of their kind of particular emotional and social needs in a more impactful way.”