What They’re Watching: Josh Aubert, Privis Health

Josh Aubert is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Privis Health, a leading provider of next gen health information technology and reimbursement strategies. He joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss value-based reimbursement and chronic care management.


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“We’re really focusing our energy in on value-based reimbursement systems. With the whole Medicare chronic care management reimbursement, we’re really focused in on trying to help practices create a revenue stream without having to hire additional staff or different things.

What we do is if somebody wants to use Privis for their chronic care management or other value-based reimbursement, we like to say we have the technology and the teams. So, you know, we have our platform to help coordinate all of the care between everybody that’s part of a care management team for someone, and then we have our care managers. So, our care managers take care of, you know, all of the phone calls to help make sure that person who’s in chronic care management is getting the care that they deserve and the care that they need. We’ve launched with Alaska Heart, so you know, specialty groups work great, primary care physicians work great, really any health care provider who is providing services to someone who could qualify for chronic care management.

The challenges that we hear from people — it kind of depends on what they’re doing. So, if we’re working with a group that is currently doing chronic care management, they have documentation problems, things aren’t getting put together right so that when they submit the bills for reimbursement to Medicare, they’re not getting it because it’s not documented the way it should be. In the space where somebody has thought about doing chronic care management but they haven’t yet, they’re concerned about the burden of putting extra work on staff or having to hire new care managers or that sort of thing. So, you know, once people really understand that not only do we have an amazing platform to make sure that everything is in order for reimbursement, but that we also have the care management team to not put additional burden on the staff.”