What They’re Watching: Angie Lin, Centene

Angie Lin is the Senior Director of Business Development at Centene. Centene prides itself on their local approach to providing accessible, high-quality care to millions of managed care members. She joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss understanding your community.


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“We have TRICARE which is locally operated here in Honolulu. What we have been doing in the last two or three years is really focused on just understanding the community here. We have a saying where if you have been in one state you’ve only been in one state. And so, we really take a local-based approach.

There’s certainly a lot of best practices that you can pick up from different areas, but we understand that for anything to really work it’s [important] to understand what the local community priorities are. What are the challenges and who are the key players — not just the other health care providers but understanding other community centers and getting really involved in the community, understanding the social determinants, and getting invested.”