What They’re Watching: Shareh Ghani, MD, Magellan Health

Shareh Ghani, MD, is the Vice President Medical Director at Magellan Health. He joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss Magellan’s innovation in digital health by highlighting a health program launched in California.


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“Magellan really spearheads innovation. In California we recently launched a member-facing digital tool — it’s a URL or a webpage that is accessed by the member on their smartphone or on a tablet. They can communicate with clinicians through an instant messaging app on the phone, they can pick a provider through that app, they can ask questions about, you know, their preferences about providers. They can actually use these cognitive behavior therapy modules (CBT) that we have on the smartphone… and they can do CBT for depression, for anxiety, insomnia, substance use in the privacy of their home. And these are as effective as seeing a therapist in the office.

So, these digital tools are being socialized right now with the California market and people are utilizing them. We are seeing that people communicate through social media now more than on the phone, so we are glad that we are meeting people where they want to be.”