What They’re Watching: Bill Stilling, Stilling & Harrison

Bill Stilling is an attorney at Stilling & Harrison, PLLC. He joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss regulating drugs without creating animosity, and landmark health care cases on the horizon.


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“Having been a provider at one point, I keep an eye on issues that relate to providers particularly for the distribution of drugs, pharmaceuticals, and regulations that are effecting providers. There’s a lot of problems with controlled substances we all know. How do we allow pharmacists to be able to monitor that without being punitive in the way that they’re treated? I think one thing I’ve seen is the war on drugs created a war among providers, and a war between patients and providers. How do we enforce the laws in a way that doesn’t create that sort of animosity? When pharmacists have to say no to patients or pharmacists have to tell patients they can’t fill certain doctor’s prescriptions, how do we address that?

There are a number of different areas in health care law where there could be landmark cases — everything from the Supreme Court looking at the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, that will perhaps be decided this term, maybe next. So, that will have big implications because it’s not just about people getting insurance. Obamacare permeated all sorts of other regulations — employment regulations, tax regulations, and reimbursement for providers. So, if Obamacare is struck down in its entirety, there’s going to be a lot of shifting around for providers, for patients, for employers, and the like. So, that’s one that we probably will see eventually.”