What They’re Watching: Robert Harrison, Stilling and Harrison, PLLC

Robert Harrison is a partner at Stilling & Harrison, PLLC. He joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss replacing the ACA.

The interesting thing about this upcoming political season is that both Republicans and Democrats want to replace the ACA. Republicans with a different version, Democrats, at least today, with a Medicare for all type of proposal. What that would ultimately look like, what Senator Sanders is proposing, it is not clear that that is what we will see at the end of the election cycle, but there will be some version of that. 

The way that rolls out could have a dramatic impact on the way that providers and people that are trying to innovate, the way the process works, for better or worse, is that Congress typically passes a broad piece of legislation, leaving it to the providers and administrators to figure out what that means at the provider level. So, what Congress passes, and then the subsequent question of whether a Republican or a Democrat becomes the next president, that person will then appoint the heads of the agencies that will write the regulations. 

We are very focused on how that is going to unfold, and trying to stay slightly ahead of that so that we can better advise clients.