What They’re Watching: Enrique Terrazas, Quest Diagnostics

Enrique Terrazas is the Senior Medical Director, Medical Quality at Quest Diagnostics. He joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss lab stewardship.

“One of the things that our health system and hospital clients are focusing their energy on is lab stewardship. To look at laboratory utilization to answer the question, you know, is this appropriate utilization? Is it overutilization, is it underutilization? You know, the effort is to drive better patient care, better patient outcomes, reduce unnecessary testing, and arrive at the correct diagnosis. So, you want to do the correct testing in order to do that. So, you know, how can Quest partner with our clients on lab stewardship in order to reach that end? So, that’s one of the things that I’m spending a lot of my time on.

And the other is: we have all this laboratory data within our company, you know, how can we use that data to drive insights to better inform our clients and customers about appropriate utilization, and how we can help them better manage their patients. Well, you know, one of the questions they have is, ‘Ok you can give us data on our utilization, but how do we know if it’s over/under or appropriate?’ And unfortunately, in terms of lab testing, there’s not a lot of national benchmarks that you can compare yourself to. So, a lot of the questions we’re getting is, ‘How are we doing relative to our peers?’ You know just comparison to your peers may not be enough to answer that question, but it leads us towards the final answer.”