What They’re Watching: Mike Rosenfeld, Vatica Health

Mike Rosenfeld is the VP of Business Development at Vatica Health. He joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss creating a support system for providers.

At this point we are focused on how to better help payers better engage their providers. We are deploying nurses into the field to be an extension of the provider’s or PCP’s office in order to really create that support system that doesn’t exist. Right now there is really a hole in the system, and we are really focused on how to better engage them and how to better engage them in their work flow. So, integrating technology into it so that we are presenting information to them in a more concrete and structured way. 

Ultimately our customer, the payer, their struggle is to get the provider to do what they want. And, we are bridging that. One of the most recent things we are doing is that we have engaged with a company that is presenting our solution within their EMR. And, it is EMR agnostic so we are not really worried about which provider it is, when they hit their EMR it recognizes our member, and presents itself within their work flow. This has really helped a lot of issues that exist without having to go outside of their EMR. 

The advice I would give to legislators is to focus on simplicity. Ultimately I think that this is the key. A very concrete way to approach each step in the process and try to predict what the outcome will be…work backwards, if you will, to try and come up with a solution.