What They’re Watching: Doug Bowes, UnitedHealthcare

Doug Bowes is the CEO of UnitedHealthcare. He joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss the importance of ensuring that programs are working, and shifting toward collaboration and integration.

“Really, right now it’s just making sure providers understand how to bill because you have a group of people who really haven’t done billing before. Making sure that all of the benefits are loaded right and everything’s working well there. So, it’s kind of all the backroom stuff that we spend so much time working on, but making sure everything works.

But I think really, over the course of the next two years, it’s that collaboration, transformation that is going to be a tremendous amount of the work. You know, we’ve got, sort of, six levels of collaboration starting from those folks that are fee-for-service (who really haven’t collaborated), to over here we’ve got the group that’s got behavioral health and has everything in there and they’re ready to take risk. And everybody else is in between. Honestly, most of the group is shifted way to the left. And we’ve got transformation consultants that are going to be out in the field working with providers trying to move them along that spectrum. You know, not only are we doing it by consultation, but we’re also doing it by contract, by value-based contract. I think that is a huge lift that’s probably going to take two or three years.