What They’re Watching: Dan Juberg, Lumeris

Dan Juberg is the Vice President – West at Lumeris. He joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss health systems transitioning to value-based care.

“I think Medicare Advantage in itself is a hotbed for innovation. And so, it breeds managing patients differently and thinking about a different, you know, it’s no longer a hospital but the health system acts as sort of a platform — an access point to treat a patient 365 days a year in and out of it. So, when you’re changed the amount that you’re going to be paid, no matter how much service you are [providing], it breeds innovation and having to treat them in different ways [and] cheaper. That’s really kind of the tidal wave that we’re surfing on right now to make it Hawaiian-based.

You know, these are big decisions that organizations have to make and a lot of the executives are getting up in age. And so, are they going to be the ones that make that big decision if they only have two to three years left in the tank? Because, you know, there’s a bit of pain to change the way you do business. To kind of pivot and transition to do things a different way, there’s some losses to make it to the other side sometimes. So, is it going to be on their watch? Sometimes it doesn’t work that way.”