What They’re Watching: Henry Gardner, Digital Health Service Commission

Henry Gardner is the Commissioner of the Utah Digital Health Service Commission. He joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss standardizing data collection and sharing.

My issue with healthcare is that there is such a lack of consistency with data and the way that it is captured and the way that it is shared. I saw this on the claims side and then again later when it came to patient data. Instead of coming up with a set of standard rules that everybody had to follow in setting up the health information exchanges, and the electronic medical records systems they just left it pretty independent.

As a result we have a lot of inconsistency where health care systems cannot talk to each other about patient data. We need to find a way to put consistency into patient data across the board because it works wells in silos, across the system they are able to work well within their own system but when they move outside of that and you cannot.

In my own personal life I have had numerous situations where I have been to two to four different providers and they cannot share data with each other so I have to repeat it and they cannot gain from each others information.

The digital health commission that I work on, that is part of our goal, to work on trying to get quality of care as well as the cost down using data. There are a lot of efforts out there working on it, but part of the problem is getting traction for everybody to be on the same page and that is very difficult.