What They’re Watching: Ashanthi De Silva, The Mighty

Ashanthi De Silva is the Rare Disease Editor at The Mighty. She joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss Medicare for All.


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As a rare disease patient, and you know, a patient with chronic conditions, an issue that I’m very passionate about is Medicare for all. And I know that’s being proposed by some states [that] might take it on individually and I would like to see that become nationwide policy — that everyone is able to get covered because I myself have seen a lot of issues with access to life-saving medications that I need.

And you know, now even in the news, we see that people are struggling to get even basic medications for very common conditions, like diabetes, struggling to get insulin. So, for the most common conditions this is beneficial, and for those with rare conditions, it’s extremely beneficial and I think cost-saving in the long run.”