What They’re Watching: Glenn Raup, RN, Providence St. Joseph Hospital

Glenn Raup, RN, is the Executive Director of Emergency Nursing and Behavioral Health Services at Providence St. Joseph Hospital. He joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss the social determinants of health and the sustainability of pilot projects.

“[I’m watching] anything that we can do to partner across disciplines — there’s so many challenges and silos to work across. So, there’s some programs that we’ve talked about that deal with the homeless and possibly, you know, what some transitional housing might look like and who bears that cost? And how do you get the health care side integrated with the legal side, integrated with the social side?

“Honestly, it’s about sustainability. A lot of monies are released from time to time from lawmakers and they are what we call “one-and-done” type of demonstration grants and pilot projects. And the problem is these pilot projects prove to be very fruitful, demonstrate some wonderful changes, and then there’s no more funding. And oftentimes when you’re dealing with health care issues, the bang for your buck is on the preventative side and that takes time. And once you demonstrate something with a pilot project that works, and then to have no more funding, it’s really a disservice to our society, to our patients, and to the providers that put so much time and energy coming up with great projects. So, I would say sustainability and making sure that whatever funding is released, that there’s that plan for how that might look, especially if it’s a successful pilot.”