What They’re Watching: Dianne Longley

Dianne Longley is a Managing Principal at Health Management Associates. She joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss the social determinants of health.

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“In general, we’re looking at things like social determinants of health: How we can do better at care integration, working with that most vulnerable population, trying to make Medicaid more effective — as well as just getting better care for people?

There are so many uninsured Texans that we still — even though we’ve made a lot of progress in recent years — we’re still trying to figure out how to spend our money and our time more effectively and get more people the type of care that they need.

Really paying attention to what’s going on with the Legislature, I think there’s some new thought leaders who are interested in trying to move the bar a little bit higher in Texas, both on the Medicaid managed care side, as well as with the vulnerable population that doesn’t have access to care, either through Medicaid or through traditional health insurance. Anything that deals with getting, improving access to care — both on the commercial side, as well as on Medicaid.

Network adequacy continues to be a problem, especially with services for the behavioral health population. Both on the commercial, as well as the indigent care side, there is a lot of demand for services that we are not able to provide in a timely manner. And, there’s just a lot of opportunities to improve services through delivery, like telehealth or providing on-site, integrated care to make it easier for people to get one-stop services for everything that they need, without having to go to multiple locations and clinics — particularly in areas where transportation is an issue for the low-income population.”