What They’re Watching: Amy L. Mackin, Hall Render

Amy L. Mackin is an attorney at Hall Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman. She joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss provider best legal practices.

“Our law firm only represents the health care industry, and what I do within the law firm is I do managed care on the provider side. What I’m watching here is obviously the Medicaid managed care roll-out for Alaska. I’m also monitoring it in other states because it happens in other states as well, and trying to help providers understand that even though managed care is new, probably there are ways they can make it work.

Best practices for providers would really be to understand what’s in their contracts, what’s in the provider manual that’s being provided to them by the payer, and really get a better sense of exactly what’s going to be required of them. Once they have that information, they can more easily put into practice exactly the new arrangements that are coming down the pike.

One thing I’m watching is the shift of providers are taking on more risk from payers. And so that’s probably something that could be coming with the move towards managed care. Providers are being asked to, again, take on risk for some of the care that they’re being asked to coordinate and provide, so that would be something else.”