What They’re Watching: Michael Keyes, 3M Health Information Systems

Michael Keyes is the Client Engagement Manager at 3M Health Information Systems. He joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss using data to improve health care.

“My role is client-facing and my mental energy is really spent around ensuring that our clients have what they need and delivering for our clients. And by that, I mean ensuring that they have the data and the insight to effectively manage their population and move their provider network towards value. Most of our clients are working on value-based payment initiatives — they need the data to do that and they need the transparency with their providers so that they can effectively manage that population.

We have just an incredible amount of information that’s available that we’re not utilizing. So, how do we pull that all together so that we can effectively manage a population? So, if you think about it, my Apple watch is now an FDA-certified EKG. There’s a lot of information just in biometrics that we’re wearing, in GPS where we’re going and how we’re traveling, that could be pulled together to manage a population, manage people, improve costs, and improve patient experience that we’re just not doing.

And if you think about it, we’re kind of behind as an industry. Amazon knows what I’m going to order and search before I ever search for it, and that’s where we should be going. We should be able to not react to what’s happened to our patients, but predict what may happen and act to try and prevent that.”