What They’re Watching: Chad Jensen, LaTouche Pediatrics, LLC

Chad Jensen is the Office Manager at LaTouche Pediatrics, LLC. He joins us in this edition of What They’re Watching to discuss meaningful use and value-based care.

“One of the big things we’re watching right now is the transition from meaningful use to value-based models. We were the first ones to do meaningful use and we already did all six years, and now we’re patient-centered medical home. And [now we’re] trying to figure out what that transition to a value-based system versus a fee-for-service looks like in the state of Alaska where we don’t have ACOs or big groups that are combining together with multiple specialties.

The challenge has been how we’re going to do that. So, what we’ve done since the beginning of meaningful use, is try to go out and look at who we’re referring to, and partnering with them and saying we want to exchange C-CDAs (Consolidated-Clinical Document Architecture) with you; we’ve been connected to the HIE for multiple years now. So, we’re trying to get people we’re referring to on the HIE, and downloading the C-CDAs, and importing them into their [electronic health records]. And that’s been a challenge because it’s a change of workflow from an easy fax button and faxing it out, to something where you actually have to pull it in, and potentially map it up with LOINC codes and MediSpan and these other types of things, into each EHR where it’s going to be meaningful data… So, that’s been some of our success and challenges — actually going in and helping those referral providers, showing them in their EHR how to do it so that we can send and receive from them.”