What They’re Watching: Beth Johnson, Coordinated Care

Beth Johnson is the President and CEO of Coordinated Care. She joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss plan-provider relationships and changes to Coordinated Care in 2019.

“Coordinated Care had its challenges in 2018, namely around a consent decree from the Office of the Insurance Commissioner due to some network issues that we have. I’m really excited to say that we’ve completed the corrective action plan and that we are now in good standing in the market. Some of the ways that we achieved that, is over the past couple months — I’ve been at Coordinated Care now for just over six months — we have 400 new contracts with 3,500 practitioners. Some of that was the hospital-based providers that we needed to add and some of it was for the behavioral health integration that the Medicaid program is focused on now. But some of what I’m really excited about is the way that the team has rallied around having a goal, having a plan, and achieving that, and I think that’s going to put us in good stead as we look at 2019 and what we have ahead of us for 2019.

An area that we need to continue to focus on is actually our provider relationships. I think it’s an area that as we were very much looking into building out our network and servicing the network, I don’t think we paid as much attention or showed up as well as we needed to with the provider community. So that’s a big area of focus of ours, that we’re showing up, and following up, and providing the infrastructure and support that they need to support the members in our programs.

So, one of the changes that we have been implementing is really putting a leadership team in place that has experience on the health plan side and on the provider side. You know, I’m new in the role and as you know I came up from the provider world and — now this is my fourth health plan — so I know how health plans are run and know provider organizations. And then the team that I’m pulling together, our chief Finance Officer Adam Ceteznick, has been at Providence and Regence and other places. Mark Maddox, our chief medical director, was a medical director of a Medicaid plan in California, most recently at MultiCare for their ACO. We have a new VP of compliance, we have a new VP of network, and so we’re pulling together a team that knows the market, knows the providers in the market, knows provider business, and knows health plan business so we can pull those things together as we move forward. I’m confident the market is going to see us showing up differently than maybe we have in the past, particularly around our provider and member relationships, so that’s what I think is kind of exciting for Coordinated Care in 2019.”