What They’re Watching: Representative June Robinson

State Representative June Robinson represents Washington’s 38th LD and is a member of the House Health Care & Wellness Committee. She is also the 1st Vice Chair of the House Appropriations Committee. She joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching,” which was recorded right before the start of session, to discuss two of her priority bills.

One is a drug pricing transparency bill that passed out of committee earlier this month and was referred to Appropriations last week. The other is a bill related to foundational public health services that had its public hearing in Appropriations yesterday.

“So, this session I’ll be focusing on a few things. I’ll be running the bill again about drug price transparency that would require pharmaceutical manufacturers to tell the state when they’re going to make a significant increase in the price of drugs. It’s one of a number of bills that we’ll have this session that I see as really trying to shine some light in the black boxes and create some transparency in the healthcare field. A lot of health care is paid for with public dollars and yet there’s surprisingly a little amount of transparency in a lot of those areas. So that bill is one to try to get a little light in there.

I will also work on a foundational public health bill — putting what foundational public health is into statute, which is just local public health and what we believe are the fundamental services that every community should have within that community in terms of public health. So communicable disease tracing and responding to outbreaks is one that most people are aware of, but also inspecting food, and safety, and septic safety and things like that. So, we’ll work on a bill, but also hopefully in the budget space be able to get a significant amount of funding to really shore up our local public health system.”