What They’re Watching: Demetria Malloy, Anthem Blue Cross

Demetria Malloy is the Medical Director at Anthem Blue Cross. She joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss incentivizing collaboration.

“Allow for us to take care of the whole person, you know? So as much as policies do allow for that — and I certainly understand that there are experts at the county level, there are certain niches and silos that have been formed over time that sometimes get in the way of that — but I think the policy makers can maybe keep that in mind when allowing for there to be bridges built between those silos, so that they sort of are aligning incentives and encouraging for people to work together to get more done. Or almost making it mandatory that you have to work together to get more done and that all of that would feed into allowing us to take care of all of a person’s needs underneath all of their health needs, right?

We’re not a medical plan we’re a health plan so from my perspective I think of all the things that have to do with health. And I don’t have to be an expert at it, or do it all myself, or reinvent the wheel, but I want to be able to partner with those that are doing it right to build the best program.

I think some of the things that are coming down from the state are great. So, the whole person care, the health homes, and I think what it’s allowing is some flexibility for partnerships on things like homelessness and other social influences of health. Things that have to do with either housing, nutrition, environment issues, or education for the members in that way. So, I’m focusing sort of on some of those ways that haven’t traditionally been able to get the same weight or been looked at as closely, in Medicaid especially, because we haven’t had sort of those waiver programs or funding programs that really encourage that sort of collaboration.”