What They’re Watching: Dilek Barlow, Wildflower Health

Dilek Barlow is the Senior Director of Government Solutions at Wildflower Health. She joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss lowering the maternal mortality rate.

“At Wildflower our applications are tailor-made for Medicaid populations and they’re focused on maternity. So that was where we started six years ago — to focus on trying to prevent maternal mortality and reduce the incidence of low birth weight babies. And in our applications we have clinical education, content about common symptoms and issues and pregnancies, we have connections to our clients’ health risk assessment surveys so that if a woman has a question, say it’s 2:00 in the morning and suddenly her blood pressure is spiking and she doesn’t know who to talk to, we can seamlessly connect her to care through the mobile application. So, it’s a way to help families navigate their care and connect to care because families are the hub of health care decisions – in particular women. They’re the chief medical officer or the chief health officer of the home. Numerous research studies have shown that women make eighty percent of health care decisions, and so this is your power consumer. And if you can have a positive experience for a woman in her first pregnancy, that will just have ripple effects across her healthcare journey and across the lifespan for herself, her children, and her partner if she has one.”