What They’re Watching: Bob Kalin, Molina Healthcare

Bob Kalin is the Vice President of Long Term Care Operations at Molina Healthcare of Texas. He joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss care transitions.

“I think care transitions needs to be one of the top five things that are being looked at right now. And there needs to be resources put into it because when you’re moving from acute to long term, that bounce back from the long term back into the hospital, there’s a huge dollar cost to it, we all know that. But I think more importantly for an individual who’s going through that, there is transfer trauma. It’s the toll on that individual, their quality of life, their quality of care that is really paramount. And transitions right now, there’s not enough attention being put on transitions of care and it’s going to save health care dollars, but more importantly it’s going to be better outcomes for the individual.

I think most importantly it’s really creating the focus of the hospital about that hand off of the patient to that next level of care. We just heard from one of our panelists that the average nurse in the hospital gets about two and a half hours notice that they’re going to discharge the patient. And she said as a former nurse on the floor, she said, “Two and a half hours was barely enough time for me to get the paperwork printed out to hand to them.” So, I think it really starts at that acute level and care planning for discharge to start upon admission and I think we really need to focus upon that.”