What They’re Watching: Jenna Tregarthen on high cost services

Jenna Tregarthen is the CEO of Recovery Record, a mobile app that engages eating disorder patients and keeps them connected to their providers. She joins us in this episode of “What They’re Watching” to discuss how her company is decreasing utilization of high cost services.

There’s been a huge increase in eating disorder prevalence and also utilization of intensive services, so emergency admissions, intensive treatments. And the reason for that is that we’re not engaging these populations early enough. So treatment can be effective at the ambulatory, outpatient level if patients are engaged and treatment providers have the tools that they need to implement best practices. I have a sense of urgency to reach the many people who are in need of these services and have risk of medical complications in the community who don’t yet have access to those support tools.

PMPM (per member, per month) costs on the spreadsheets to payers are getting their attention. They’re seeing a 20 to 30 percent increase in utilization of high cost services in this area. So this patient population is very much on their radar in a way that it didn’t use to be. Plus, this new health care policy that’s requiring coverage that wasn’t there before for residential, intensive treatments. So they’re really looking for ways to engage their provider network and to build a provider network at lower levels of care to get outcomes. We also have 9,000 specialist eating disorder providers using the Recovery Record platform on a weekly basis around the county and getting results. So we actually have that outcomes data as well as a provider network that has a strong desire to use this tool.