What They’re Watching: Jeremiah Rigsby, CareOregon

Jeremiah Rigsby, Director of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs at CareOregon, joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to talk about addressing the social determinants of health through the CCO model.

The Medicaid Advisory Committee is supposed to be the part of the agency [Oregon Health Authority] made up of the consumer voice, that you have people that are part of plans, people that are part of the Oregon Health Plan all talking about the issues that are affecting the membership of the Oregon Health Plan. And hopefully using a little bit of that conversation to influence the way that the plan is administered through the Oregon Health Authority. So, staffed by great people from the Oregon Health Authority and we’ve been focusing a lot now on the social determinants of health.

I think that the CCO experiment over the last five years has made some pretty major and positive steps towards figuring out the health plan’s role in addressing the social determinants of health, but there’s a lot of work left to be done to figure out how to push that envelope forward I think a bit. We still I think are starting to learn, or trying to learn a bit more about what’s happening throughout the state with the ways that CCOs are addressing social determinants. Having 16 different CCOs that are community-based means that you might be addressing different social determinants in 16 different ways, none of them wrong.

Trying to gather all that into some sort of unified policy is the work I feel like the Medicaid Advisory Committee is focusing on now and then also working a lot closer with the Oregon Health Policy Board. The Oregon Health Policy Board is really working through recommendations on the futures of CCOs and we’ve had some really good conversations with folks over there about the work that we’re doing and making sure none of us are duplicating efforts but really supporting each other’s work for the good of the system.