What They’re Watching: Alex Rule, Arthur J. Gallagher

Alex Rule is the Vice President of Northwest Regional Sales at Arthur J. Gallagher. He joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to talk about navigation support in the health care system.

The navigation support system that exists today is ineffectual. The payers certainly don’t do a very effective job of medical management or you know even basic levels of navigation support, customer service. And yet, employers have the expectation that they are actually going to get that support from the payer, so we’ve got to help educate employers that they shouldn’t have the expectation that’s where it’s going to come from.

Our preference would be to have that service come through the health systems because as a consumer, as a patient, that’s kind of where that’s where I would want it to come. That’s the person that I trust, the doctor, the nurse, you know that’s the person that I would prefer to get the navigation support from. But the existing reimbursement model doesn’t really pay for that. So until health systems get paid, until the reimbursement model makes it worthwhile for the health systems to provide that kind of support, until the payment reform moves far enough along the spectrum to actually make it beneficial for health systems to provide that kind of support, it’s got to come from someplace else.