What They’re Watching: Sue Deitz

Sue Deitz, Vice President of Business Development at Caravan Health, joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to talk about value based transformation.

You know we focused on value based transformation since the beginning, the core and the foundation of what we are about. But lately the best way that we can support the hospitals and the communities is actually driving home clinically integrated networks. The deal is though, to develop those networks, you know to have a revenue stream or to get people to come to that table and to really have skin in the game and be involved, we’ve identified that the Medicare Shared Savings Track 1 ACO actually meets the needs for all of the development of a clinically integrated network.

So, you bring this physician leadership and we can bring the IT platform, and the waivers and the you know, really the performance improvement quality initiatives as well as the quality metrics and those that will really drive the clinically integrated network. But at the same time, we can secure revenue streams, revenue streams that will feed into that. You know people are spending millions of dollars to create integrated networks, but they’re not necessarily moving forward with everyone engaged, even understanding of what their next steps are. Where this has a very population health based solution, it’s already in their scope of work already, but it’s bringing them to the table and generating revenue to keep them at the table.