What They’re Watching: Michael Stollar, HMSA

Michael Stollar is the Chief Executive Officer at HMSA. He joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss the impact federal changes could have on Hawaii.

Clearly at a policy level, we’re not only tracking but engaged with folks from our partners and our sister Blue Plans and whatnot, and what’s happening in Washington, particularly around the executive orders and what may come out of entitlement reform and what those impacts could be on Hawaii. Certainly, paying very close attention to insurance sales across state lines and association health plans. So we, you know the devil’s in the details, you never know until you know, but we hope and we think that if the Prepaid Health Care law is not impacted that for the most part Hawaii should be okay, and if they allow states to regulate those plans.

And you know when I say Hawaii should be okay, what we’re really talking about is the ability for the residents of the State of Hawaii to have fairly deep and broad coverage. And I think that’s played a huge part in why we’re the healthiest state in the country. It’s not about the insurance market, it’s not about the health systems, although they would take cuts with cheaper skinnier plans, so that is an issue, but it’s ultimately about the health of our residents. And having good coverage and being able to take care of things early makes a huge difference.

It’s not so much worry as it is just how are we going to tackle all of this and make sure that it all fits together. So we’ve all dealt in silos, we’ve all dealt piecemeal in tackling issues, and I think the challenge both for us at HMSA as an organization with our stakeholders and our delivery system, is how do we do this all together and how do we sort of redesign ourselves in essence so that we really achieve things like the Triple Aim Plus 1 and whatnot, and not just talk about it.