What They’re Watching: Lynnea Lindsey, Legacy Health

Lynnea Lindsey, PhD, is the Director of Behavioral Health Services at Legacy Health. She joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to talk about the integration of behavioral health.

Legacy has historically been invested in behavioral health, but hasn’t always had its own organizational structure around behavioral health. So the biggest emphasis in the last four years has been developing and standing up Unity Behavioral Health in the partnership and the relationship of really creating a very safe, sacred space for people to be treated for mental health conditions and substance use disorders.

And now that Unity is up and running, I have now come to the system and we’re looking at behavioral health not only in the specialty space, but also how behavioral health and health behavior permeate all of health care. And making sure that we honor and support multidisciplinary teams that include physical health and behavioral health clinicians in every sector, space, cubby, every place that we need it within health care. So really moving towards an integrated care team model throughout health care.