What They’re Watching: Jon Schleder, Alaska Innovative Medicine

Jon Schleder, CEO of Alaska Innovative Medicine, joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to discuss case management.

For us and what we’re all about is the care coordination and a lot of integration of taking the patients through the entire complex health care network. For us we have case management like a lot of other companies out there but with the advantage of having clinical integration and having great relationships with a lot of providers throughout the community here. Which really is sort of a ‘boots on the ground’ approach to care management, making sure the patients are able to navigate the health care system and also working with all of our other providers that we have in-house, social workers and outreach specialists to make sure that they are addressing any co-morbidities, or any behavioral health issues that we see. A lot of times it’s the reason why health care can cost so much, especially amongst high-risk populations.

We have been very successful I think, with like I said our clinical intervention and that’s really helped to bring down some of the cost. We’ve had successful examples of people who are almost quite literally ready to walk into the emergency room where we can intervene, we can get them the right care and coordinate what they need. Sometimes it’s as simple just as sending a nurse out, draw some blood and take that to a lab, or even a social worker to sort of address some of the anxiety that they may be developing around medical issues. And I think overall, we’re seeing good costs, in the population that we’re working with, we’re seeing great cost return on investment.