What They’re Watching: Haley Hsieh, Laulima Data Alliance

Haley Hsieh is the Executive Director at the Laulima Data Alliance, a subsidiary of HAH that provides comprehensive data analytics to improve access and quality of health care in Hawaii. Hsieh has over twenty years of health care experience and previously worked as the director of provider contracting and relations at Kaiser Permanente and at HMSA and St. Francis Medical Center in a variety of roles. Hsieh joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to talk about using patient data across multiple facilities.

“We’re starting off with the acute care hospitals. For them to access the data, what we want is user friendly reports that are actionable. So, something that provides value to them to help them make their decisions. And then we’re going to add the post-acute providers. That way, the whole mission and goal is to eventually have the whole continuum of care and all of the data underneath it so that you can really, through data, support the whole continuum of care.

So, if you’re admitted to an acute care hospital and you’re discharged to a nursing facility, and then you’re discharged from the nursing facility to home and you have home health, or in other cases to hospice, we would have data from every point. You have the identified universal patient ID and you can track this patient went from acute to post-acute. Are there any trends? Are there any patterns? Are there ways for the post-acute to work better with the acute? And really the data will help make those decisions.

All of the acute hospitals have indicated they are participating. We’ve gotten signed agreements for most, we’re waiting for a couple more, and we’re also in the midst of putting together the software. It’s in a cloud environment through the Iowa Hospital Association and we’re doing the testing through that to make sure that everything is secure. Iowa has been doing this for many years, supporting other states, but it is a new cloud environment which is more secure and more advanced…”