What They’re Watching: Philip Greenhill

Philip Greenhill, the CEO of Western Oregon Advanced Health joins us in this edition of “What They’re Watching” to talk about coordinated care organizations.

Our challenges were to try to break down the past silos that we all envision breaking down when the CCOs started. The guidance came from our physician group, which had always been a physician managed care organization delivering physical care. And their direction to myself and others on the Steering Committee when we started the CCOs was “We don’t want to any longer go this alone; we want the CCO to become a community asset.” And then we sat down and said, “Well, how do you answer the question of what is a community asset?” And we decided that ownership of the parent corporation, the CCO itself would be owned by community partners. So, we ended up with nine different community partners: two hospitals, three medical clinics, a county government entity called Coos County, people on a 17-member board representing all the requirements of House Bill 3650, but also extending out to the nine equity partners of the organization.

And that began the community conversation of how do we work together to look at the problems in our own community. And we might be not much different than the rest of the state, but still an isolated area in the state, we’re two hours from anywhere and we have a limited number of specialists. We depend on outside support for sub-specialty in Eugene and OHSU. So I think that factor that we were a little bit isolated kind of gave us an opportunity to have a community conversation about how do we work together to solve some of these problems?