What They’re Watching: Lynda Chin, MD

Dr. Lynda Chin, associate vice chancellor and chief innovation officer, health affairs at University of Texas System joins us in this edition of What They’re Watching to talk about technology in healthcare.
So, a couple things. I think for sure there’s no question that the value-based reimbursement is an important incentive. The provider, the market needs the incentive to sort of deliver value-based care. On the policy level, I think the recognition that when we talk about data sharing, when we talk about securing that data and liability of data, it needs to be updated, to be consistent with today’s technology and the kind of data we’re generating, but there are also more specific things such as telemedicine. Clearly a valuable tool to allow us deliver care that can be more affordable, more timely, particularly in area of, you know, shortage but the policy have to be such that it is that the business would do it, that they would get reimbursed for it. Otherwise, not having that tool takes that whole option out and certainly in Texas there’s example that because of the telemedicine policy is such that it really, I think, minimized or reduced the potential of using that tool in the broader population and by their environments.