What They’re Watching: Marcy Shimada

Marcy Shimada, CEO & administrator at Edmonds Family Medicine joins us in this edition of What They’re Watching to talk about the need to cut back on bureaucracy in healthcare.

At any given point in time we’re worried about, you know, the nuts and bolts operations of the day. You know, whether it’s our scheduling system or outreach on a particular disease type or, you know, a certain development with something regarding care. And today is an opportunity to really set that aside and to think about, you know, from a governmental perspective, from a health plan perspective, you know, just all these various other views of what’s going on in healthcare and to ponder a bit on how those dovetail and how we should interface with those folks.

I think whether it’s Washington or whether it’s federal our sort of guiding principle for folks shaping policy would be to cut back on their bureaucracy and to simplify a bit. We do think that the increased coverage of folks has been great because we see that patients as they, you know, have coverage then they’re more interested in preventive services in having that conversation with their doctor or provider about how should I be taking care of myself. So that’s a good positive thing, but it has also come with a lot of check lists and documentation requirements and a lot of extraneous stuff that we’d like to as much as possible see streamlined.