What They’re Watching: Jorge Rivera

Jorge Rivera, director of community engagement at Molina Healthcare, joins us in this edition of What They’re Watching to talk about improving and expanding access to care.

The one thing that we’re doing right now that has us very excited is really improving access to care to our virtual care because our 700,000 patients today can come to a doctor at three a.m. without leaving their homes. Medicaid has not done that before and I think expanding the access is what managed care organizations are about. We’re very excited about the fact that today we can have all of our 700,000 people going online, working moms and children that are sick. So it’s a full collaboration with the provider because our virtual doctors would refer this information over to the primary care physician, so it’s expanding access and it’s expanding the continued care cycle for members of Molina. We’re very excited about the fact that we have the technology now, we’re the first in the state to have it. So we’re very excited about that being a new way to improving access to care.