What They’re Watching: Paul Ciechanowski

Paul Ciechanowski, chief medical officer and founder of Samepage, joins us in this edition of What They’re Watching to discuss whole patient health.

There’s a tremendous focus on behavioral health. It’s wonderful. As a psychiatrist who started out in family medicine, I’m so thrilled. But sometimes unwittingly we focus too much on one thing and we continue the silo. We’re really interested in the whole patient, so people with behavioral health issues that also have diabetes that’s out of target, hypertension that’s out of target. We focus on behavioral health and health behavior, right? I think that’s really important when we look at patients that are languishing between health care visits. A lot of what we do is really enable patients. We use a team based approach to really address individuals that are struggling. They are the ones that our health care system is failing and there are many of those.

A lot of people that are trying to address the whole patient with multiple chronic conditions and social determinants find it really difficult, and that’s often because they’re using the old way of one clinician, one patient, 15 minutes every three months. We have to get rid of that, and so what our method does is it leverages the use of a team, where there’s accountability on a weekly basis, where we close the loop on action steps and goals. Not just the patient, and that’s what makes all the difference, right, and it has to be a team. That’s the future of medicine for people with multiple chronic conditions.