What They’re Watching: Jim Tehan

Jim Tehan, regional director of Providence Health & Services, joins us in this edition of What They’re Watching to discuss the social determinants of health.

For me what I’m looking at and the area that I’m involved in is community benefit, and it’s got a lot of change that is going on mandated by recent IRS regulations. And it’s really about bringing in all of the different stakeholders in the community and getting them to help us prioritize needs for each of our individual hospitals.

At the moment we’re focused on food insecurity. And with specific solution to that is getting our folks that have helped people with insurance applications to now do CalFresh applications, which are food stamps. But coming down the road, issues of homelessness and housing and working with affordable housing providers and other stakeholders is probably where we’ll be going.

But the nature of it is that these are problems that really cannot be solved in the traditional way of a single hospital working on a single problem, but rather a broad scope of community partners to address, really core community issues that need attention.

Note: This was recorded at our 2016 Southern California State of Reform Health Policy Conference on Oct. 31, 2016.