What They’re Watching: Kat Latet

Kat Latet, program manager at Community Health Plan of Washington, joins us in this edition of What They’re Watching to discuss what Community Health Plan has worked on with fully integrated managed care in Southwest Washington.

The Community Health Plan in Washington is really excited to be a partner in the really innovation and being out in front around fully integrated managed care. I think what is important to realize and identify is that the first goals was really to ensure continuity of care, make sure that there was care available and that we were really moving towards integration of financing and administration, and so really look at integration almost as a triangle or a three-legged stool of administration, financing and delivery of care. And I think oftentimes we see that administration and financing integration as a facilitator to actually have better delivery of an integrated clinical care approach. And so I think with that, what we’re seeing is lessons learned as we move into other regions and other communities, I think taking a step back from fully integrated managed care, I think one, really sharing what successes we have seen but also recognizing that we want to really empower communities to elevate what the assets are that are in their communities, and so understand what we want to see remain in the region that’s doing a good job at serving the populations that we all want to serve and then addressing areas that we want to improve upon.