What They’re Watching: Charles Tveit

Charles Tveit, CEO of Lake Health District, joins us in this edition of What They’re Watching to talk about the need to keep physicians in small communities.

I think about how can we take care of our population, of our community. We’re a remote, small community. We don’t have lots of resources, so we have to be creative and some up with ways to provide the best service we can, and not become absorbed by another system.  Mid-levels are more available than necessarily MDs or DOs. But there again, we have to think about how do we coordinate with their skill sets are. And then how do we develop people that are supporters to our practitioners, and have them practice together.  It’s hard to practice full scope practice in our kind of a community. Our primary care doctors see patients in the clinic, they manage the patients in the hospital, they work in the ER, and they deliver babies. And not everybody wants to do that. So we have to find those people that may want to do it, and then make sure that they’re capable of doing it.