What They’re Watching: Stephanie McBride

Stephanie McBride, a nurse practitioner at Denali OB-GYN, joins us in this edition of What They’re Watching to discuss transparency in pricing.

I feel like as a provider, as a nurse practitioner, my job and my dream is to wake up and take care of patients every day. And so, I think our hearts are in the right place and I think our patients trust us and I think a lot of patients are trying to do the right thing by paying these premiums, however outrageous they might be, and paying their deductibles and having a part in their healthcare. And I think they’re even willing to pay more if they know that it’s –if it’s a necessity. Like, for example, if I send a patient for a mammogram that’s not covered, but I tell her why it’s important, I –she would pay for it, understanding that I’m not just making willy-nilly decisions with her money. So I feel like the insurance companies could have a little bit more transparency and make it easier for the layperson to understand.