What They’re Watching: Kate Othus

Kate Othus, partner and healthcare business advisor at AKT, joins us in this edition of What They’re Watching to discuss MACRA.

The statistic I recently heard is only 20 percent of physicians even know what MACRA is. And so, just on a baseline perspective, they don’t know what they don’t know. Prior to that, they were trying to keep up with PQRS and deciding if they should even play in the space, and the traditional mindset of a physician group, an independent physician group, has been let’s sit back, position ourselves, watch what everybody else is doing, and then join in after everyone’s made the mistakes. That approach needs to change. There is a lot of data out there that is going to be used against them if they don’t prepare their own data and tell the payors or the patients this is the quality that you’re going to get when you receive care from us in their provider team, regardless of the specialty that they’re representing.